If you are interested in making a lifelong difference in the life of someone with special needs, The Right Path has just the opportunity for you! YOU can help fulfill a participant’s hopes and dreams by volunteering in a weekly class, at a special event, or in the barn and office!
Join us for our next volunteer training on September 14th, 2019!

CURRENT AND PAST VOLUNTEERS, whether you are a weekly volunteer or you have helped out just one day, we want your feedback. Fill out this survey to share your story!

What Can I Do?

Weekly Classes:

View our calendar to see the detailed class and event schedule.

Monday – Driving aid in 1-hour classes of William’s Walk therapeutic cart-driving

Driving Assistant: help the driver during mounting and dismounting the cart, engage in the activities, and complete the instructor’s assigned tasks. Must pass an initial assessment and training, and attend one training annually.

Driving Header: stand as the leader at the head of the horse during mounting and dismounting the cart and follow any other tasks assigned by the instructor. Must pass an initial assessment and training, and attend one training annually.

Tuesday – Meal Coordinator for Hooves on the Ground lunches

Meal Coordinator: cook or arrange a lunch for the weekly Hooves on the Ground class. Reach out to local restaurants, businesses, or groups for possible catering or donated food items.

Wednesday-Friday – Leader or sidewalker in 1-hour classes of William’s Walk therapeutic riding

Sidewalker: help the rider engage in the activities, complete the instructor’s assigned tasks, and correctly cue the horse. Must pass an initial assessment and training, and attend one training annually.

Leader: lead the horse, provide aid as needed by the rider, and follow the instructor’s assigned tasks during classes in the arena. Must first be a sidewalker for one semester, then pass an initial assessment and training, and attend one training annually.

Friday afternoons – Horse handler in 2-hour classes of Trailblazers Youth Enhancement

Horse Handler: help with retrieving horses from and turning them out to the paddocks, tacking, leading, groundwork, and conditioning. Must pass an initial horse handler assessment and training, and attend one training annually.

*NOTE: For class volunteers, please arrive 15-30 minutes before class start time. If you have to cancel for any reason, please notify our Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Caudle, as far in advance as possible. The participants build a special relationship with their volunteers, so commitment to your scheduled class time is very important for the success of the participant.

Special Events:

Other Opportunities

Barn and Office Help: mailing newsletters, cleaning (office, kitchen, bathrooms, stalls, etc.), organizing, painting, repairs, welding, building projects, etc. Call us for more opportunities!

Photographer/Videographer: take pictures and video during classes and events. This isn’t a regularly scheduled position, so feel free to do it when you can!

Volunteer Resources

We host a volunteer training for leaders and sidewalkers every spring and fall before the semesters start. We will also do additional training for other positions throughout the year as needed.

Call (918) 352-4110 or email volunteer@therightpathok.org today for more information or to apply. Also, join our volunteer community group on Facebook!

Volunteer/Service Credit Hours

Student volunteers enrolled at Central Tech can get academic and volunteer credit in certain courses requiring hands-on experience or credit.

We can also sign off on community service hours completed on the property. Call the office to apply and set up a time.