This restorative experience empowers disabled military veterans, active duty, and first responders to develop a strong sense of accomplishment, reduced anxiety, and a trusting relationship with their horses and mentors while learning basic horsemanship skills. Recent research in the therapeutic use of equines demonstrates how horses have the innate qualities of being unique partners in healing, both physically and emotionally.  

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Veteran Mentors

HOTG participants partner with a veteran mentor.

Building the Bond of Trust

The bond of trust begins with grooming.

Trust Walk

The trust walk requires the veterans to completely release control and rely on their horse and mentor. This is a stepping stone for building confidence and a strong relationship with their team.


Communication is key in life, and horses are a remarkable teacher on this subject!


The veterans enjoy getting to showcase their skills in parades and competitions!

Heroes on Horses World Snaffle Bit Show

Heroes on Horses is a class offered at the World Snaffle Bit Show to honor veterans across the nation. This is an opportunity for Hooves on the Ground participants to demonstrate their horsemanship skills.

Are you ready to change a veteran’s life?

For the horses, vets, and mentors, the time spent together building relationships and empowering each other makes a life-long difference. YOU can give a veteran this life-changing opportunity by sponsoring their horsemanship lessons or their horse! We also need a meal coordinator for their weekly class. Visit our volunteer information page or the sponsor link below for more information!

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