Our Mini Adventurers love to travel and bring smiles to everyone, especially the drive-through workers when they see a horse in the back of a truck! The minis have visited hospitals, nursing homes, schools, The Little Lighthouse, festivals, parades, and churches.

Meet the Mini Adventurers

Velvet is registered as a Division A AMHR miniature horse. She has served as a Mini Adventurer at The Right Path since 2002. She may be a mini, but she has a huge personality! Her favorite costumes are the Princess Pony and Red-Nosed Pony.

Bam Bam, also a mini, has faithfully served at The Right Path since 1998 as both a Mini Traveler and in cart-driving. Although he now enjoys retirement, Bam Bam still appears as “Little Black” in our Horse Tales Literacy Project.

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Oh, the places they go!

BamBam as “Little Black” in our Horse Tales Literacy Project Field Days.

Bringing a little joy to the hospital!

The Little Lighthouse

It’s an exciting day at school when a Rainbow Pony comes to class!

Bristow Pumpkins in the Park Festival

The kids were thrilled to see Velvet in her Princess Pony costume!

Fire Station

Nursing Home

The residents loved the Red-Nosed Mini!

Stroud Health and Wellness Fair

Stroud’s Brand New Helicopter

Cushing Christmas Parade

Princess Pony Photo Shoot