Are you ready to give a 1st or 2nd-grader one of the best days of their life?

We host three Field Days at our ranch each year in April for 300-400 1st and 2nd-grade students. The students spend the day rotating between the 15 stations with their small group. The volunteers run each station, guiding the students through the station activity.

We will assign and train you to run a station where you will work for the day. There are typically 8-12 students in a small group at each station. Your job is to show the students how to do the station activity and then point them to the next station when the bell rings.

Volunteering at the Field Days will touch your heart. It is amazing to see the excitement and joy as the students learn and read. You will likely go home tired after the fast-paced day, but you will leave knowing you helped promote something that will better these students’ life not only today, but for the rest of their lives.

2019 HTLP Volunteer Application