Giving Tuesday Now

Kids, Teens, and Veterans all find hope and encouragement through The Right Path programs and we need your help to keep our horses ready to ride, drive, and be available to love our participants. 

COVID-19 and the government recommendations have impacted the entire world.  People, programs, and businesses have all ceased their normal activities.  Now as we see states starting open back up, we encourage you to find a way to Give Back as you Get Back to a different kind of normal.


Financial – You can make a financial gift to help us pay for facility expenses.  Our horses still need to eat and be cared for and our building still needs utilities and maintenance.  A financial gift of any size allows us to provide our programs without ever charging a participant. 

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Volunteer – There is a lot of work to do around the ranch and we are ready to receive help.  We can supply you with projects that allow for social distancing.  Project will vary based on your previous volunteer experience and training with us. New Volunteers are encouraged to join us and see what The Right Path is all about. 

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Shop – Updated health and safety policies have changed our shopping list.  In addition to our normal needs, we are increasing our supply of disinfectant wipes (if you can find them) and other sanitizing products and looking for prepackaged snacks for our volunteers.  Check out our Amazon Wish List or just pick us up something each time you shop and drop it off at the ranch.

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