Marching On

Instructor Sue Haley helps talk an anxious participant through the mounting process, with supportive volunteers standing by. Many people assume that therapeutic horsemanship involves mostly riding, but much of the positive experience can happen without even getting on the horse.  “A little boy came to ride today, and it was his very first time…” Leslie … Continue reading Marching On

Motivated By Love

Photo: Leslie Kirkland, founder; with Michael, William's Walk Driving Program Participant; and horse, Bud. What makes a great organization great? Well, its values, for one. It's people, for another. But more importantly, the values driving its people truly set a non-profit apart. What would motivate someone to give up their time, energy, talent, or financial … Continue reading Motivated By Love

Dreams Becoming Reality

"I wasn't supposed to make it, but God had other plans." In this season of giving thanks, we would like to personally thank you, our generous supporters, for helping us provide therapeutic horsemanship at NO COST to people with disabilities and challenges, like U.S. Air Force veteran Cindy.