Many see summer as a time to take it easy and relax. School is out, the weather is hot, and the tea is sweet. But, here at The Right Path, summer is the time we get things done that are often put off during our regular semester. One reason we can accomplish more in a summer than during the rest of the year is because of AmeriCorps NCCC teams. Our third team arrived on May 8th and consists of 7 smiling individuals who are ready to make it the best summer ever! Will, Sean, Sadie, Lucca, Celia, Aubrie, and Molly are looking forward to “getting things done” for The Right Path this summer. So far, the team has worked on many various tasks around the ranch. From fixing fences to painting cattle guards to feeding horses, our AmeriCorps volunteers are happy to be put to work!

While the NCCC team has only been with us for a short time, they have already fallen in love with everything related to The Right Path. From the kind staff to making a difference in a child’s life to the late-night campfires after work, the team is so happy to be a part of The Right Path this summer.

Bubble Break!

June is an exciting time at The Right Path because that means it’s time for the William’s Walk summer semester!! The NCCC team works as a part of the horse handling team during William’s Walk Therapeutic Riding classes and loves every second of it … especially when there are bubbles involved.

Getting To Work!

In addition to helping with the William’s Walk classes, our NCCC team also plays a vital role in the day-to-day maintenance of the ranch. Whether it’s fueling up the tractors or getting geared up in chainsaw chaps to help with construction on the ranch, the NCCC team is always happy to help with a smile!

All Aboard!

While here at The Right Path, the NCCC team is mission-based and work-motivated; however, learning about each other and Oklahoma is an important part of their experience! Therefore, every Friday afternoon, a staff member from The Right Path leads team-building activities with the NCCC team. These events are designed to build relationships and educate the team about life in Oklahoma. Activities range anywhere from playing board games to going into the communities around us; no matter what it is, it’s always a great note to end the work week on!

Instructor in training Codi Wilkinson took the NCCC team to the Bristow Train Depot and Museum to learn all about the exciting history of Bristow! They finished the day with coffee and ice cream at The Clean Bean. The team had a great time and learned lots of fun facts about the town!

Thank You!

Because the work the NCCC team is doing this summer is important, supplies are needed. Your designated donation allows us to pay for supplies without taking money from the general budget. You can make your donation on our website, through our Facebook or Instagram pages, or by mail. The participants, staff, volunteers, and NCCC team thank you for helping them get things done.