Photo: Leslie Kirkland, founder; with Michael, William’s Walk Driving Program Participant; and horse, Bud.

What makes a great organization great? Well, its values, for one. It’s people, for another. But more importantly, the values driving its people truly set a non-profit apart.

What would motivate someone to give up their time, energy, talent, or financial resources to benefit someone else – especially when that someone else might be a total stranger? For us, it’s one simple factor: love.

Who isn’t moved by watching a struggling child bloom into a strong individual, going from discouraged and hesitant to courageous and confident? Who doesn’t believe that veterans and first responders scarred by traumatic experiences deserve a chance at recovery and a well-balanced life? Who wouldn’t be excited to team up with others who enjoy empowering people with disabilities and challenges to reach for their highest potential with the help of a horse? 

Who isn’t inspired by seeing miracles happen right before their eyes? 

That’s a good question.…

When was the last time you witnessed a transformation in someone else’s life as a direct result of your personal investment?

Think about it.

Where could you go to live these special moments weekly? 

The Right Path Riding Academy in Drumright, Oklahoma, that’s where.

Therapeutic horsemanship should be available to anyone who needs it, regardless of income. That’s what we at The Right Path believe. That’s why we do not charge families or individuals for our services, making our programs unique in that regard. Instead, our operations run entirely on donations from foundations, organizations, local businesses, and individuals. Additionally, our programs are powered by our specialized staff, AmeriCorps members, and volunteers. Each person here is motivated by love to serve others with whatever skills, abilities, or resources they have to offer. 

  • Volunteers show up every week to help in their assigned roles. We appreciate consistent commitments: however, we also depend on substitutes who can fill in occasionally on short notice if one of our regulars can’t make it. Some volunteers also prefer to help out with special events or various projects around the ranch. 
  • Donors are often families or friends of participants. They are also former volunteers who have moved on in life, or now live far away. Some may even be members of the community who want to be involved but cannot frequent the ranch because of health issues or other obligations. 
  • Foundations, begun by generous individuals and organizations seeking to invest in worthy causes, provide a large portion of our budget through grants. 
  • Staff Members are individuals with a special calling and dedication to The Right Path’s mission. These team members often go above and beyond their normal obligations to fill gaps in the programs. They also embark on adventures beyond the ranch perimeter to serve in the community and promote awareness of our services.

And last but not least,

  • Participants are motivated by love for their horses, instructors, and friends to put out effort in their sessions when it just wouldn’t seem worth it otherwise!

Don’t believe you would fit in at a therapeutic riding facility? You might be surprised. Even if you have no previous experience with horses (even if you are AFRAID of horses!), we have a place for you. If you are willing to learn and want to assist in the arena, our staff can help you gain confidence with time and experience. If horses are not your passion but you still want to help differently-abled individuals, we need help outside the arena, too!

How can you become involved? There are many ways to connect with us. Just call the office, send us an email, message us on Facebook, or fill out our volunteer application online. However you choose to reach out, we appreciate your interest and are grateful for your efforts to become a part of the family here at The Right Path.

Thank you for your support!

Motivated by Love, 

~ Bandy Mills

It Takes A Team: Staff, Instructors-in-Training, AmeriCorps Members, Volunteers, Educators, and Participants